The Big Essay

As the essay due date slowly approaches, I am stressed about it. I mean I do feel like I’m well prepared to write about my topic, but I am a bit nervous that I won’t really be able to weave everything together in a coherent fashion. Do I have information that explains my topic/argument? Yes. Do I have enough? Maybe. That’s kind of the question that I don’t have the answer to and that’s what is stressful.

stress meme

The above image is a perfect example of how I feel/look when writing my essay–completely crazy. It’s basically comes down to me trying so hard to connect information that are barely goes together in an effort to make it as coherent as possible.


I think this meme speaks volumes and that lots of students can relate. Most people procrastinate til the last minute to get work done so really motivation has nothing to do with me getting my essay done early.

essay meme

And one last meme to wrap up this post. This is literally me. I sit down and attempt to write and I either get so distracted I get no work done or I can’t think of how to even start the essay or what info to put where etc.

Hopefully I find the will power to edit the rough draft as soon as I can so I don’t have to fix it all the night before.

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